7 Outstanding Tips for Banner Printing

Banner Printing : Choosing to produce a printed banner is a fantastic way to maximize your promotional requirements, it helps you to give maximum stand out and showcase your brand. There are a range of options from large PVC banners to simple roller banner solutions to suit all purposes of banner printing. Let’s look at some important points that can help you to make the most out of your printed banner / Banner Printing .

Banner Printing

1. Use High resolution images in Banner Printing 

While going for banner printing, having good quality images is imperative. If you carry your own camera, then your camera should be able to take decent quality images, but be careful with images from the internet. Not only could you infringe copyright law but the quality is usually quite poor.

2. Clever use of color in Banner Printing 

Your banner printing should be such that maximizes the use of color. Imagine the environment, where will your banner be positioned? What does your competition look like? Then, you can use color to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. If you are an established business, be sure to use your brand colors and clearly position your logo towards the top of the banner, this will make sure you develop a consistent brand identity throughout your marketing material.

3. Count your words

Using a large amount of written text can look busy, messy and be off putting to your audience. Try to work out on your key message or brand values and make the banner printing big and bold. A short & striking message or a graphic will work a hundred times better than a hundred words. The banner printing is meant to grab attention of the viewer, not bore them.

4. Reveal your benefit

Succinctly convey your key benefit in your banner headline. Do you have the best price? The best service? The best quality product? Whatever it is, make your banner printing known, specific to your audience and make it centralized.

5. Include an offer

Make a time – limited offer to motivate customers to respond quickly. Your offer might even be included in your headline to simplify your banner.

6. Create a memorable call to action

Make it clear what customers should do next in order to take advantage of your special offer. Your call to action should be succinct as well as memorable, such as an easy-to-remember URL or phone number. Remember that potential customers will only have a few seconds to digest your banner, so they must be able to retain the action step at a glance.

7. Less is more

It is a simple rule but one that makes all the difference. It is very tempting to use a banner to get across every possible message and cram it full of content and images, however from an end user perspective big, bold and simple messaging and graphics is the most effective way to grab attention as well as looking professional and confident.

5 Simple Tips For Designing An Effective Banner Printing 

If designed effectively, banners can make a big statement. A banner not only needs to inform the readers what you have to offer them but should be also eye catching. It should tell the readers what you want them to do along with not creating any frustration for the reader. Although you can’t measure the success rate of banners but seeing an ad definitely helps create a user preference for a particular product or service.

Banner Printing

If you are new to banner designs, it is imperative that you learn the basics of banner designing so that it functions efficiently and effectively. Here, we are providing you simple yet effective tips on banner designing, so let’s get started!

  1. Use the Standard Sizes

Although most of the companies use a set of common sizes for banners but there is no one size fits all, so you have to create within the space off site where you plan to advertise. Wider banner sizes are known to outperform their counterparts as reading from left to right is more comfortable.

  1. Keep it Simple

To have an effective banner, keep the design and message simple. Make sure that you are conveying only one idea on the banner and use a maximum of two fonts on it. Colorful banners attract a lot of attention but at the same time it can be distracting, so choose your colors wisely. Don’t be afraid of the white space as it will make your text stand out. Viewers are going to glance at your banner for only a second or two, so keep the visuals and content simple.

  1. Maintain Hierarchy

Banners are basically designed to increase your brand awareness and further to draw traffic to your website. Every banner has basically three elements: Message, branding, and encouragement to click. The banner design relies on the right balance of these elements, so look into your hierarchy. But the challenge comes in the form that you don’t have much room to do this. Follow the basic design theory with space, color, sizing and weight to guide your user to each element.

  1. Think of Placement

What are your plans regarding placing the banners you have created? The rules for placing your banner indoor and outdoor are different. As customers can take the time to stand and read the indoor banners, you can put a lot of information on it. Whereas outdoor banners should communicate a message that is read in a matter of seconds. Placement plays an effective role to help in reaching your target audience. When going for your banner printing, choose bold colors and a strong typography.

  1. Call To Action

Call to action is an important part of your banner design, whether it is for street traffic or the customers that are already in your store. Make sure that you have the clear and precise call to action that tells exactly what you want your readers to do. Include your website URL, email address, contact no and a different color than the primary text.

These are some of the important banner design guidelines but it also takes a lot more creativity to achieve high performing banner ads. Go for a professional designer and banner printing services that can help you create something unique as well as customized. If you are looking to have your banners printed, contact us and we will help you with our dedicated banner printing services.