3 Popular Benefits of Pen Printing

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Pen Printing : If you are planning to start a new business, the sooner you would recognize the value of advertising the better. Choosing the best marketing tactic for your company has its challenges, and like most entrepreneurs, you at least want to break even. What are your options in the beginning – Flyer printing, banner printing, brochure printing, calendar printing etc.? However, have you ever thought using small promotional items such as pens can jump start your marketing efforts along with affordability? Take a look of Benefits of Pen Printing and Pen Printing Company In Toronto:

Know more abut the Benefits of Pen Printing

1. Pen Printing is Cost-effective

Pen Printing

New small business owners don’t typically have a lot of capital. As such, they often look for inexpensive ways to get their name in front of people. There is a cost for pen printing, but this marketing tactic is by far the most cost-effective one available. Pens for promotional purposes are sold in bulk, and the cost per pen is quite affordable.

2. Pen Printing is Walking advertisements tool

Direct mail, television and radio ads are very effective. But for these ads to be effective, customers have to hear or see them at the right time. Your radio ad may play while someone is driving in his car. But the moment the ad goes off the air, this person may forget about your company.

During pen printing, you can include the name of your company, your address, your telephone number, plus your web address directly on the pen. Whenever you recipients will use your pen, they will be reminded of your service.

3. Usability

With any type of promotional item, it’s good to choose an item that will receive heavy use, such as T-shirts, bottle openers and magnets. These are cute, but how often will recipients really use them?

However, pen printing has its own advantages. Just about everyone works or attends school, plus they have a use for pens. You don’t want a promotional item that recipients will forget about or throw away.

Don’t think that marketing isn’t an option because of your limited budget. There are more than a few ways to get your business name in the public. You may start off with low-cost marketing, and eventually, you can progress towards larger campaigns. Plus with pens, you can choose from a variety of designs and colors.

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Benefits of Pen Printing

We must have heard about benefits of sign printing, banner printing, flyer printing but did you know pen printing has its own advantages? One of the most popular promotional items used for marketing a brand is a customized pen. Along with custom note bags as well as wearables like shirts, jackets and caps, promotional pens are functional. Almost everyone uses a pen everyday, that’s why receiving a new pen is always a good thing. Pen Printing has its own advantages.

Pen Printing

Pens with logo and name of the brand printed are quite popular and have been one of the most effective advertising gimmicks worldwide. Just hand the person a pen and he’ll use it for many purposes. He would be able to see your brand every time he uses the pen.

Try giving away promotional pens. The best part of pen printing is that it is really cost effective but, they keep on “advertising” your company. It’s a tried and tested formula in brand marketing awareness campaigns.

Pen Printing:


Pens are very useful. People say that an average pen has almost 7 different users. Some of the people borrow but don’t return pens so it means more people can be exposed to a brand, making pens as great freebies.


It won’t cost your company a lot of money to opt pen printing. They cost very little and are very easy to give out. A pen costs only a few cents so it’s a no-brainer to try out promotional pens.


Because pens are often borrowed, they can go “anywhere”. You don’t know where they will end up. It’s free advertising for your business even if some pens will reach non-targets.


Promotional pens are available in variety of styles depending on prevailing marketing needs. You can choose from plastic pens to more expensive pens to give out. Pens are also available in different shapes and sizes while some are fun and follow a certain theme.


Pen printing includes the name and logo of your brand. Any person, who would receive the pen will definitely see your brand every time he uses it. Some people would be interested to know what is written on the pen or its brand so they’d check it out. Unlike business cards that sometimes end up in the garbage, people will never think of throwing a pen.

Purchasing promotional pens are highly recommended. Printing Specialists can make custom promo pens for your brand. Pen printing help connect you with potential customers, as well as, help your company make an impression.

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