Same day business cards Toronto

Many businesses in Toronto face time crunch, most of the time they prefer same day business cards Toronto. With Printfast, you can avail same day printing for majority of your products. When it comes to same day business cards Toronto, we are one of the reliable printing shops in Toronto. We are 24x7 available to print beautiful business cards.  

We guarantee all of our same day business cards Toronto. We strive to meet deadlines, making not your business suffer anymore. We help you create something unique that reflects your brand and identity, using our business card creator. Other benefits of our same day business cards Toronto include the following:

same day business cards Toronto



1) A Clear Positioning Statement

We value that one statement that clearly defines your value and differentiates you from your competitors. We create a compelling positioning statement establishing an emotional connection with your brand should be kept as the primary focus in which your same day business cards are built around.

2) Includes Functional Content

Have you ever experienced a time when the wants as well as needs of the organization’s leadership team necessarily don’t align with the design, layout or content functionality of the piece? Unfortunately, content of 2 pages will not fit within a 3.5” x 2” space. Editing, editing and then editing again can be one of the biggest challenges with developing a memorable same business card Toronto.

3) A Simple Layout


You must be interested to make sure that there is some breathing space on your same day business card Toronto, so that readers can easily seek the information they need. Too much content or clutter dated look will prevent important information from standing out and will leave less space for a prospect or client to write a reference note to themselves. Fetch advantage of both sides of the same day business cards Toronto for additional space.

4)Caters To Prospective Personas

Small acts of kindness can go a long way and your same day business card Toronto is the perfect opportunity to cater to prospect and client needs. We help you stand out from every other card in client’s wallet by providing them required information which helps them direct towards landing page, web page or other resource that is specific to their business or industry.

For international clients, consider printing same business card Toronto in different languages. You must include an interactive feature or added value that sets you apart such as a link to a YouTube video that explains more about your product or service, includes a coupon code or calendar, conversion chart, special chart etc.

5) We Make it Memorable


The design as well as feel of your business card is no different than a firm handshake with your client when it comes to setting a good first impression. Durability is also one of the factors when you consider how quickly they are distributed or how long they sit in your wallet. We believe that a professionally designed & printed card evokes a stronger sense of credibility. If you are looking for printing options, this resource offers a variety of paper qualities as well as pricing levels. We will be creative with your design and include features that stand out.


Business cards are one of the first and lasting impressions between you and prospective connections and customers, that’s why we understand the importance of same day business cards Toronto. It is quite interesting to analyze how this little card can be such a powerful marketing tool. Take a close examination of the anatomy of your card & contact Printfast with the changes required that can you make to create a lasting impression with your prospects and clients.